Green Global Citizenship

Environmental sustainability is important to us at Hytech International. One of the best ways we can make a positive impact on the environment is to offer products that consume less electricity. There are a lot of computer systems and servers out there consuming too much electricity, if we can make a difference by helping to reduce the power consumption of just a small percentage of them, we believe we will have made a positive impact on the environment. Besides that, consuming less power lowers the electricity bill.

Global citizenship at Hytech International is about commitment – a commitment to growing our company in a strong and sustainable way; preserving and protecting our environment; valuing and challenging the talented men and women who comprise our workforce and investing in and improving the communities where we live and work. All Hytech International facilities throughout the world comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

For years now, Hytech International has operated under a Global Code of Conduct which informs all employees of their legal and ethical obligations to the company, its other employees, customers, competitors and suppliers, taking into account varying practices due to cultural differences throughout the world.