Sponsorships and Grants

As a corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates and employees live, Hytech International recognizes that responding and adapting to the needs of these communities is a responsibility consistent with its business objectives.

If you are a non-profit organization seeking a grant for junior sports activities, please submit your application to: sonja.marse@hytech-international.com.

The Postal Vision Emerging Market Fund is the philanthropic arm of Hytech International. The Emerging Market Fund provides grants to postal organizations to actively support the integration of new technologies. These technological enhancements have to be beneficial for the community’s economic development. The Postal Vision Emerging Market fund expects an active project support from the involved government such as tax and import duty wavers. The Postal Vision Emerging Market Fund has an annual budget of USD100,000 and governance rests with its Chairman. Grant decisions are made by the Chairman upon recommendation of the Policy Support Committee.